Food Industry

Food Industry

SCADA systems with the ability to collect, analyze and visualize data from various stages of production, play an important role in the food industry, enabling effective monitoring, control and optimization of production processes ensuring safe, efficient and compliant food production, helping to maintain the high quality of products delivered to the market.

In the food industry, ASIX SCADA systems are used to supervise the production processes, packaging and labeling of food products. They monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure and other variables critical to maintaining quality and compliance with food safety standards. Asix SCADA systems can be used to manage batch production - editing and storing of production recipes, creating production orders and managing their execution. Asix systems are also increasingly used for production tracking and tracing, by using the built-in AsBase functionality. Detailed data on the raw materials used for production and all relevant parameters of the production process are stored in the AsBase SQL database.

In addition, SCADA systems allow for real-time response to failures or irregularities, minimizing waste and the risk of producing poor-quality products. By analyzing historical data, they can assist in identifying trends, process improvements and optimizing efficiency. AsTrend of Asix platform is very convenient for analysis of production process flow and user-friendly reporting , inlcuding search for production anomalies.

Implementations in Food Industry

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