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New Asix.Evo 9

We inform you that on 23rd December 2016 the new 9 version of Asix package is issued. It is the next step in over 20-year-old software evolution of Asix... The version 9 gives the possibility to design GIS map diagrams...

Training Schedule for 2017


New driver for Siemens PLCs: S7-1500 oraz S7-1200

The driver enables communication with the latest generation of Siemens PLCs: S7-1500 and S7-1200 (since firmware 4.0), using symbolic names of PLC variables.

New version of the package: Asix.Evo 8.1.8

On December 2nd, 2016 the new Asix.Evo 8.1.8 package version has been launched on the market. It includes service changes.

New Communication Driver for LB-480 concentrators manufactured by LAB_EL Company

The Asix system list of communication drivers has been enriched by a new position: driver of LB-480 concentrators by LAB_EL Elektronika Laboratoryjna...

New Price List

We inform you about the changes in the Asix package price list. From September 1, 2016 two package sale programs were introduced: Program Assurance (PA) and Program Maintenance (PM). The novelty are also OPC UA interface client and server licenses...
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