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Announcement of a New Asix 9.0.5 Package

We are very pleased to announce a new package of Asix 9.0.5 system. We believe that this release introduces some new essential functionalities so distinct from the ones of typical update packages...

Asix Mobile awarded in the ‘Product of the Year 2016’ competition by Control Engineering Poland

On April 11th, 2017 there was a solemn award ceremony in the ‘Product of the Year 2016’ competition, organized by the Control Engineering Poland staff. As previously reported, our ASIX Mobile product is a winner in the Mobile Applications category...

AUTOMATICON 2017 - Resume

Next edition of the International Automation and Measurements Trade Fair Automaticon 2017 is over. We thank all of you who visited our stand. We can not complain about the lack of interest in our products and services...

Serious error: automatic change of parameters of communication channels and archives

The problem affects all versions of Architect included in the package Asix.Evo 9, earlier than 9.0.3 (architekt.exe since the version 9.0.0 build 10575 (09.12.2016) to 9.0.2 build 10726 (14.02.2017)). The error can permanently damage...

New Asix Package: Asix 9.0.3

On February 16th, 2017 the new Asix.Evo 9.0.3 package version has been launched on the market. Version is free from error of automatic changes of parameters of communication channels and archives.

New Asix Package: Asix 9.0.1

On February 7th, 2017 the new Asix.Evo 9.0.1 package version has been launched on the market. It includes service changes and several novelties to improve the package
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