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NetLinkPro – Driver for Communication with SIMATIC S7 PLC's

The NetLinkPro driver builds communication links with the SIMATIC S7 PLC's via the NETLink PRO gateway, an Ethernet <-> MPI/Profibus gateway manufactured by SYSTEME HELMHOLZ ...

IPA 2007 Workshop

We are informing on IPA Workshop 2007 coming on October 4-5th ...

Asix5 is already on market !

The day after nearly two-year presence at the market, asix4 system is giving up its seat to functionally richer and more comfortable the 5th software generation. The updated price list is entering also a new category of license for 4096 process vars...

MUS-04 driver

In communication drivers set enclosed in the asix package a new product has arrived - CtMus04, intended for data exchange between asix system and microprocessor controller MUS-04 of the ELEKTROMETAL S.A company …


The new element on the list of asix communication drivers is the MicroSmart protocol driver, which is used to exchange data with MicroSmart controllers from IDEC ...

New SIMATIC S7 driver

The set of asix communication drivers has been enhanced with a new S7-TCPIP driver, used to exchange data with SIMATIC S7 series PLC's through the Ethernet with the use of a standard PC network card ...
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