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New lower asix prices and new 'Operator panel' licenses

New asix Price List with over 20% prices reduction and new licenses dedicated for HMI panels are available ...

Driver: CPIII for Control Panels of MYCOM Compressors

In the asix package a new driver - CPIII - has appeared, dedicated for communication with CP-III/E control panels applied in MYCOM compressors ...

News: Educational asix package

With the pleasure we'd like to inform on issue of the educational package of asix system intended to university / college usage. The educational asix package offered as asix-EDUS is a practical, educational aid for the students ...

Asix 5.1 - New Version of HMI/SCADA Package

asix 5.1 HMI / SCADA / MES system brings first of all fundamental changes in the trending module that's been equipped in a new, intuitive and easy to use advanced functionality ...

AsTrend version 5.1

The new version 5.1 of the AsTrend program has been equipped with advanced functionality that is more intuitive for the user. The new version means new capabilities to display data of various types, to chart averaging values over very long time periods...

AREVA and CZAZ – Drivers for Digital Protection Devices

The set of communication drivers of asix system has been enriched with new drivers dedicated to digital protection devices : MiCOM and CZAZ ...
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