Asix Platform Version 2024 Made Available for Sale


We would like to inform you that on September 4, 2023, a new version 2024 of Asix Platform has been made available for sale.

Version 2024 is a continuation of the development line started in version 2022 related mainly to the new browser application technology based on HTML5. In the coming months, further extensions to HTML5 mode will be gradually introduced, in particular support for applications using GIS map diagrams.

The latest version 2024 maintains compatibility with older versions in terms of basic functions, which means that earlier applications made before the appearance of Asix 2024 will work without conversion, and the tools familiar to users until now will be used to design applications.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the latest version of Asix 2024 by downloading the 90-day free version available at About Asix > Trial Package.


Key changes and new features:

  • X-type archives have been enhanced with the ability to synchronize historical data for redundant archives. In previous versions, only B-type archives had such functionality. The new version of X archives combines the advantages of B archives with high-performance compressed X archives.
  • Support for VirtualUI-based browser applications has been withdrawn. It is recommended to switch to HTML5 mode applications.
  • Access to data retrieved via the AsixConnect database (used mainly in the AsRaport report module) has been upgraded. The way of using the AsixConnect database has retained compatibility, but it will be necessary to reconfigure the AsixConnect database when moving to version 2024. The new version of the base in the communication layer uses the REST interface. New versions of stored procedures allowing the address of the Asix data server to be explicitly given have been added to the base. The new versions of the procedures support both Asix 2024 servers via the REST protocol and older Asix servers via the WebService protocol.
  • Asix application data access interface based on WebService has been withdrawn. It is necessary to switch to another data access mechanism, such as REST.
  • Support for the Sunspec Modbus protocol has been added. This is an open communication standard that defines common parameters and settings for monitoring and controlling DER (Distributed Energy Resource) systems, which include photovoltaic systems, energy storage devices, tracers, meters, among others. The SunSpec Modbus protocol uses SunSpec information models and is specified in IEEE™ 1547-2018, the US national standard for DERs. The communication driver allows you to import data models and build an Asix variable definition database based on them, greatly speeding up the application development process.


Upgrade from version 2022

Due to the promotional PM program included in the 2022 version licenses, which includes the right to all software updates for one year, all previously purchased new 2022 version licenses and upgrades can be upgraded to 2024 version free of charge. No formal action is required. Simply upgrade the software. All 2022 version licenses with a PM program valid as of 09/01/2023 will automatically be considered eligible for the 2024 version launch.


Changes in Price List

  • The release of version 2024 is coupled with changes in Asix Price List. 
  • Due to the general economic situation, prices for Asix Platform licenses have been raised by 10%-15%. At the same time, there have been changes in the set of available licenses and other sales policies:
  • AsAudit functionality is now available in any basic license at no additional cost. Separate licenses for the AsAudit module have been withdrawn.
  • All base licenses have integrated AsAlert services in the license price. Separate licenses of AsAlert have been withdrawn.
  • Text variables are counted as one process variable (previously as number of characters). This will allow applications that operate on text variables to run on smaller licenses.
  • Licenses for 64 variables have been withdrawn from sale.
  • The rate for software version upgrades has been standardized. The percentage rate is identical for upgrades from all eligible versions. The minimum version number eligible for upgade is version 9.

The promotional PM (Program Maintenance) program from version 2022, which independently of technical support provided the right to upgrade software versions for one year, is not continued. As of September 01, 2023, we are introducing a paid SA (Software Assurance) program, guaranteeing the right to all software updates over a one-year period. The PM program of the 2024 version remains included in the license price, but only for technical support (see the Price List for details).

A new price list is available upon request.

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