Asix 2022 in the New Version of the Package


On April 5, 2023, a new version 2022 of the Asix platform, enriched with a visualization module that allows configuration of Asix applications to work in HTML5 technology, has made available.

Asix 2022 had its premiere on September 1, 2022, when users received e.g. a new browser version of the AsTrend module based on HTML5 - called AsTrend.Evo. At that time, the HTML5 visualization module enabling a new mode of operation for Asix browser applications in HTML5 technology was announced to be appeared at the beginning of 2023.

Asix version 2022.1 introduces a new browser mode based entirely on HTML5 technology. The HTML5 application does not require any conversion of project files. It is only required to publish the application in HTML5 mode. HTML5 mode ensures compatibility with all HTML5 compatible operating systems and web browsers.

The introduction of HTML5 technology to the solutions offered by Asix fits perfectly into the idea of Industry 4.0. Access to data and control of processes becomes much easier. All you need is access to a laptop, tablet, mobile phone and thanks to the server that properly converts the application to the HTML5 format - the user in the browser of his choice and on any operating system (including, of course, iOS and Android) gains free access to information necessary for making even key decisions for production.

The latest version 2022 maintains compatibility with older versions, which means that earlier applications made before the appearance of Asix 2022 will work without the need for conversion, and tools known to users will be used to design applications.

The new Asix 2022 version also includes the refreshed AsTrend.Evo module. Among the novelties are items that are not present in the classic AsTrend version:

  • for calculated graph: support for reading and writing attributes of input graphs other than Asix type has been added, as well as reading process data;
  • for bit graph: support for reading and writing attributes of input graph other than Asix type has been added, as well as reading the process data of bit graph and exchanging the graph;
  • for aggregated bit graph: support for all aggregates has been added;
  • new data source added: CSV file directory;
  • in the variable selection window: “pasting from clipboard to selected one” command has been added to the local menu;
  • added support for the "AsTrend Export" permission (exporting a selected trend or AsTrend report to a file of the indicated format);
  • a command displaying descriptions of available keyboard shortcuts and mouse operations has been added to the Help tab;
  • support for periods clipboard has been added to the Data period tab - a different layout than in AsTrend Classic.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the latest version of Asix by downloading the 90-day free version.

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