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  • 2021-02-15

Beware of the ESET false alarm - "BH \ Generic.4 Trojan horse"

On 02/12/2021, a problem that may occur when using the Asix package was identified on a system protected with ESET antivirus.
The problem occurred after updating ESET.

The ESET program may report a message informing about a false threat, such as: "BH \ Generic.4 Trojan horse" in the AsixEvo program which may cause immediate closure of the AsixEvo program, removal of shortcuts to the program and removal of the asixevo.exe file.
In order to protect against malfunction of the antivirus program, this program should be properly configured: the "c:\Program Files (x86)\Askom\Asix\Asix.Evo\AsixEvo.exe" program should be added to the exceptions of the HIPS System (Deep Behavioral Inspection).


ESET software update from 2021-02-15 restores the correct operation of the antivirus software which does not interfere with the correct operation of the Asix system. Therefore, there is no need for an additional one ESET configuration.