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  • 2020-08-19

New Version 10.1.3 of Asix.Evo Platform

On July 29, 2020, a new version of the Asix.Evo package was introduced for sale: 10.1.3.

Users of version 10 are recommended to switch to the Asix 10.1.3 version due to a number of fixes and new products improving the operation of the AsixEvo package.



  • The ability to generate variable databases from defined sources directly in Asix.Evo has been added (context menu of mdb and sql databases).


  • The ability to define read and write control of Asbase resources has been added to the security system.



  • Scheduler - when performing overdue tasks, the option to specify a delay from the application start or from the data server start has been added. 



  • The ability to synchronize the application with a pattern in the SQL database has been added.



  • New functions added: VarIsBad (), VarIsBad (var), VarIsUncertain (), VarIsUncertain (var) to write field service, mark uncertain status detection. 
  • Security system - new options that emphasize the compliance of the Asix system with international data processing standards in force in the pharmaceutical industry:

1. Option to enable the option that forces the remembering of the IDs of all deleted users to prevent the creation of new users with the same IDs again.
2. The option to enable the option that requires entering a note every time you save changes to the security system configuration.
3. Ability to enable the option that records a new category of messages describing detailed changes of users, roles and permissions in the security system log in the SQL database.
4. Possibility to force the user to change the password at the next login by the Administrator.





  • ReportsManager action - the option to call the report identifier with a filter parameter has been added. Wildcards (*,?) can be used.
  • Support for new data has been added to the Chart object by the function ObjectData: CursorX, CursorY and SeriesValue (with an additional parameter of the series number).
  • Diagnostics - statistics for archive queries added - ArchiveStatisticsPeriod option in EvoDiag.cfg..
  • The Header Frame Highlight property has been added to the current, historical and SQL alarm tables, which allows you to disable embossing.
  • Chart Object - Support for multiple value axes has been added. Axes can be assigned to series, pattern waveforms and limits. The new axes can be inverted, displayed logarithmically, or a dictionary of value labels can be specified instead of numbers.
  • Chart object - the Aggregation time stamp property has been added to the series, specifying whether to take the times of the beginning or the end of the intervals. 
  • Chart object - when adding subsequent series and axes, new colors are automatically set for them visually distinguishable (similarly for the Data Chart object when adding a series).
  • Active alarms table - a new property has been added to acknowledge alarms with the button. Possible modes: selected only, all visible except urgent and critical, all visible, all in the table except urgent and critical, all in the table.
  • Authorization field object - added user prompting while typing.
  • Login (mode) action - an optional $PasswordChangeButton mode (bit 0x04) has been added, displaying a password change button in the window.


Bug fixes


  • Text object - fixed a bug that caused remaining in value input mode after entering an incorrect value and pressing Tab - then more objects could remain in edit mode at the same time.
  • Fixed the problem with restoring a minimized window which had a fixed position and keeping proportion.
  • Editing pattern parameters for enumerated types has been improved - now you can set these parameters as localized values, and internally they are stored as universal (just like properties).
  • Alarm strategies - the initialization of calculated expressions has been improved, because the first time an alarm occurs after restarting the application, it did not return the values ​​of variables in the expression..
  • Context menu positioning on GIS diagrams has been improved.
  • Poprawki importowania/eksportowania alarmów do Excela (Zmiana ALARM na ALERT i IMPORTANT na URGENT).




  • Corrections and improvements important for the correct operation of the Aspad data archiving module.
  • For the CtTwincatTcpip, CtDlmsTcpip and Modbus communication drivers of the package, new options parameterizing the operation of these drivers have been implemented.