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  • 2019-03-21

New Version 10 of Asix.Evo Platform

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new, version 10 of Asix.Evo platform, marketed as of 2019-03-01. This is another step in the development of design software and implementation of SCADA / HMI / MES industrial IT systems available on the market for 25 years.

Asix version 10 is still a powerful tool for the development and implementation of applications regardless of the field of application - proven by an increasingly growing interest in Asix-based systems in many industries (not only those with dedicated solutions). Asix platform designers team had put a great amount of effort into developing an even more ergonomic and user-friendly environment for designers and users of the application, to minimise the designer's time and effort, and, at the same time, unify the solutions and provide the designer with ready-to-use components to compile typical applications.

Long-term development of Asix platform intended to ensure its comprehensiveness and flexibility of use in various industries is the basis for finding that Asix version 10 is currently a solid baseline for the ASKOM dedicated solutions for:

  • energy management (specialised Asix Energy software package)
  • machine and production line performance management (specialised Asix OEE software package)
  • management of extensive media distribution networks (functionality of Asix platform known as Geo SCADA)
  • or the control of smart buildings (specialised WAGO Vis Building alias Asix4WAGO software package)

Improvements in functionality of version 10 include a number of changes to speed up the design process and the subsequent operation and maintenance of the application (including a large number of variables and channels). In particular, this means, among others: optimisation of the Historian (Aspad) module operation, enhanced handling of the process variables (performance optimisation and reduction of the start-up time), development of new functions and operator actions allowing to simplify and increase the efficiency of expressions / conditional actions (to eliminate nested expressions / conditional actions), optimisation of active alarm log efficiency.

A feature that has differentiated Asix from other systems for many years is the separation of information on the method of obtaining current value and placing it in a separate entity called "communication channel." To further improve handling of communication parameters in the "channel", version 10 introduced the option of grouping selected channels by any name or name of the communication driver plugged into the channel (default option).

Optimisation of operation of Asix Evo application also included the variable definition database. In most cases, operations of adding, deleting or editing process variables definitions no longer require Database Server restart (responsible for retrieving and archiving data from the process control drivers). The user can immediately add a variable to an existing channel, change the address of an existing variable within the same channel, change the variable sampling period, archiving period and the conversion function parameters. In practice, every time the variable definition database is updated, the system verifies the changes and informs the user about the type of required update - with or without Database Server restart. This functionality will surely make much easier the modification of large database applications with variable definition databases with thousands of data.

In addition, global properties editor operation is much faster - that is,  centrally defined  properties unrelated to any particular element of the application, to which the designer can refer e.g. in object properties (such mechanism allows for an automatic substitution of values of the selected properties without having to search for places of their use).

A powerful tool for graphical analysis and presentation in the form of graphical or tabular historical data collected by Asix applications - AsTrend, besides numerous changes optimising chart refreshing, has been equipped with the ability to search for periods of time when the conditions defined by the user have occurred. Thanks to this solution, the user is equipped with a set of tools than make it easy to find the given event or multiple instances of the event over a specified period of search and visually trace the development of variable / variables in this period. After selecting the search period and setting a function defining the condition, by which the events are searched, the user receives (in the right panel of the trend window), a list of all events that meet the specified condition, displayed in two ways: in a calendar view divided into years, months and days or as a full list of events. At the same time (in the left panel) the user can view a variable chart, to which the searched events are related - in the selected day or time period attributable to the specific selected single occurrence of an event or in the full period of search (with a displayed full list of events). The search condition can apply to all variables displayed on the chart. Such mechanism provides a great potential for analysis of the entire technological process course and capture emergency situations that may interfere with this process. The following images show the time period search mechanism when the condition specified by the user has occurred.

Fig. Defined Period Search Condition.


Fig. Calendar View of Period Search Results.

Fig. Calendar View of Period Search Results, Displaying the Graph of the Variable for the Selected Day.

Fig. Calendar View of Period Search Results, Displaying the Graph of the Variable for the Selected Instance of a Single Event.


Fig. Calendar View of Period Search Results, Displaying the Graph of the Variable for the Selected Event Instances.


The Software update verification system introduced with version 10 will certainly be of great help to Asix software users. It will notify the user when software update for newer version is available, with an option of downloading it from the shared "link".

To meet customer expectations, the design team of Asix platform in collaboration with the designers of SCADA application undertook, based on many years of experience of ASKOM in the implementation of industrial automation systems, developed specialized software packages that provide specific tasks, often found in modern industrial plants. As a result, Asix version 10 offers ready-to-use software packages for dedicated solutions.

The first one is Asix Energy - media monitoring system, including dedicated tools to create applications to monitor energy media. Specialized graphical objects that have been developed are parameterised according to the contents of additional fields in the variable definition records. Thanks to this, application development comprises, to a large extent, with prior preparation of variable definitions, "clicking" of the desired features and functions of the system – application wizard takes over the task of preparing specialized on-screen diagrams, counters and other application tools for media monitoring.

Asix OEE (available soon) is another dedicated solution offered by ASKOM. It is a system for calculating the indicators of efficiency of machines, production lines use per production unit, and other parameters associated with the operation.  Similarly to Asix Energy, Asix OEE includes a set of specialized tools, using additional fields in the variable definition database for easy creation of application components with a specific purpose. Asix OEE allows reporting, based on the calculated indicators of efficiency, the cost of production on individual machines and production lines. Viewing the equipment failure statistics and data on the currently monitored machine resources (understood as maintenance and overhauls dates, current number of starts for the maximum intervals between inspections, etc.) allows for production planning for individual lines and equipment. Thanks to the system open architecture, Asix OEE application data can be easily transferred to MES software, as well as to CMMS software that will take the data into account in the overhaul schedule.

Asix4WAGO (available soon on the basis of Asix version 10 platform, under a new name WAGO Visu Building) is the third of the dedicated solutions. It is a successful attempt to create a common software platform PLC + SCADA with the functionality of DCS. The package was created through close cooperation of ASKOM, a leading Polish manufacturer of SCADA software, and WAGO ELWAG, a market leader in building automation. The key idea behind Asix4WAGO is to link WAGO controller software with Asix.Evo visualization system into a coherent system providing comprehensive control and visualization in smart buildings.

Asix version 10 is not only a developed towards optimisation and flexibility in use, but also new user interface graphics (new toolbar icons and new programs icons), as well as a large library of graphic symbols in SVG format for the designers of the visualization layer of SCADA applications. Another advantage of SVG files shared by Asix 10 is the fact that they have been developed in such a way as to enable the control of individual elements of the graphical symbols (colour change or "disappearance" of the individual components of the graphic element) - which gives a virtually unlimited number of possible image variants to obtain.

Please also note that all our Customers who have purchased ASIX licence in the last four months, are entitled to free or promotional upgrade to version 10 under the terms of the PA program described in the Commercial Information and the Price List. All Customers who have purchased and have an active PM software, are entitled to a free upgrade.


Try Asix version 10 software, by installing its 90-day free trial version: download