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  • 2017-06-29

Commercial Information Update - New Price List

On June 22nd, 2017 the following changes have been amended in the Asix commercial offer:

  • Changes in the Price List. This price list is our first one from many years, in which package prices significantly have changed. Generally, changes apply to licenses with more process variables. The prices of "small" licenses remained essentially at the previous level. We have also added new license types that support 8192 variables  (labeled G) – they fill the gap between 4096 variable licenses and unlimited ones. We also want to draw attention to the AsAudit license price reduction.
  • Changes in the rules for providing technical support. ASKOM provides free technical support for the latest (current) and one previous main version of the package. The support covers only the help in determining the causes of problems in the software operation and the advice on how to make/parameterize the application. In other cases we offer paid technical support. The condition of obtaining technical support, both free and paid, is to refer to the number of the granted and registered License to use the software.
  • New "Time Limited Development License". Development License is dedicated only to use at the application design, testing and implementation stage - can not be a target license (run-time). For development license, the client has the possibility to specify the license type (for a basic license), number of variables and other extension functions. The Development License is provided in the form of a software-activated license dedicated to a particular computer and is valid for 3 months. 

More detailed information in "Commercial Information":

 Asix - Commercial Information EUR  (440 KB, update: 2017-06)

 Asix - Commercial Information USD  (445 KB, update: 2017-06)

If you are interested in receiving the price list, please contact the ASKOM company - in this order, please fill in and submit the form below:

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