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  • 2017-03-08

Serious error: automatic change of parameters of communication channels and archives

The problem affects all versions of Architect included in the package Asix.Evo 9, earlier than 9.0.3 (architekt.exe since the version 9.0.0 build 10575 (09.12.2016) to 9.0.2 build 10726 (14.02.2017)).

The error can permanently damage the parameterization of channels and archives, stored in the application/data server configuration file. The problem concerns both "classic" applications and data server configuration for "evo" applications. In an extreme case it is not possible to run an application / data server on the basis of such a corrupted file. A typical symptom is the appearance of the message of ASMEN module: "excess characters at the line end". In other cases, the operation of Asix system is possible, but is not compatible with the designer assumptions (channels and archives have the wrong options).

Details of action:
The error may occur when viewing option of channels or archives - you do not need to set anything, just the same viewing configuration is sufficient. If file is saved after such 'overclicking', it can be damaged.
1. For 'none' channels the error adds random parameters from the previously viewed channel. The result is that ASMEN reports "excess characters at the line end" at the start of the application and interrupts its start.
2. For each channel, regardless of the driver, values of the options:
- "Alarm in channel" and "Time synchronization" (on the "Standard" tab),
- "Remote write access" and "Remote read limitation" (on the "Advanced" tab)
- "Local write denied" and "Data validity period" (on the "Advanced 2" tab)
are mistakenly replaced with the values read from the previously viewed channel - if these options were defined therein.
3. For archives, regardless of their type, values of the options:
- "UTC time" and "Inactive archive" (on the "Standard" tab),
- "No merging" "Merging limitation" and "Minimum merge period" (on the "Merging" tab)
- "Remote read access" (on the "Management" tab),
- "Backup” (on the "Backup" tab),
- "Synchronization" and "Archiwum master" (on the "Synchronization" tab)
are mistakenly replaced with the values read from the previously viewed archive - if these options were defined therein.

It is absolutely necessary to update the Asix package to the version 9.0.3 or later (architekt.exe version 9.0.3 build 10731 (15/02/2017) or later).

Procedure in the case when the error has occurred:
Wrong 'none' channel parameters will be automatically deleted after you open the file in the new version of Architect and enter the configuration window for all channels of this kind (you do not need any other operation).

For channel/archive options listed in the section 2 and 3, there is no possibility of automatic reset incorrectly set or changed options - the program is not possible to determine which options are wrong. To restore the correct parameterization, you have to manually correct the settings or restore the configuration file from the backup you have created by the earlier version of Architect (8.1 or older).