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  • 2017-03-07

New Asix Package: Asix 9.0.1

On February 7th, 2017 the new Asix.Evo 9.0.1 package version has been launched on the market. It includes service changes and several novelties to improve the package:
- Data archiving using SQL database since the version 9.0.1 with MS SQL Server 2008 or later does not require server creation on a computer to which record is executed and does not require a temporary directory being shared as ASSQL.
- New function GetMessage(msgSet, value, data) which includes message contents, colour and background colour for a set of messages and a given key value.
- New data source for GIS diagrams - ESRI Shapefiles - the most popular format for geographic data files (limit - only files with WGS84 coordinates). Each file may contain only one type geometry: points, polylines, regions and optional metadata (any attributes describing geometry). For editing, you can use a free program QGIS. Other reference systems can also been converted to WGS84.