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  • 2016-05-18

New Version: Asix.Evo 8.1.5

On May 16th ASKOM has issued the new 8.1.5 version of the Asix.Evo. It includes a few service and functional changes optimizing the package operating.

Main novelties:

New Asix Excel Add-In
The module is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows a typical Excel user to use process data of current and past Asix.Evo application, in a simple and intuitive manner. Add-in is installed automatically during the installation of Asix package starting from version 8.1.5. MS Excel interface is then extended with ASIX tab. For more advanced users, it is also possible to access data using scripts, based on a specially designed VB object and functions.

Fig. Excel - "ASIX" Tab.

Fig. Function Editor.

Fig. Example of a Table with Data Retrieved from Asix Application.

AsTrend Novelties
When adding an external data series (eg. CSV, XLS, OLEDB), it is possible to define them as binary. Such series are drawn on the top of charts over other series.

Communication Drivers Flux
The driver Flux is used to exchange data between the Asix system and video system detection Flux, using plug Watts SDK Plugin. Data exchange takes place via Ethernet, based on the manufacturer's protocol.

Alarm System
The optional notifications via the built-in notification window or user’s own window has been added to the alarm system – including: the ability to define in domain the minimum priority of alarms displayed in the notification window; as well as the ability to confirm or just hide alarms. The notification window is displayed automatically when an alarm occurs.

Notification Window

Object ‘Database Table’
New visualization object which allows you to display data from any SQL server database on synoptic diagram in tabular form. It is possible to display selectively in Database Table data only of selected SQL table fields, while displaying the values of selected fields of Database Table using other visualization objects – eg. Text. Database Table displays all the data records meeting the given criteria, and other visualization objects display field values of a single record associated with selected row of Database Table.

Example of Database Table

Script Reports
The script report system enables report generation and view in Asix.Evo applications. Almost every report script is based on a scheme that can be generated using the report wizard – that report shell can be freely expanded by the designer using the object model of script system, enriched with the group of classes dedicated to report creation. Report classes of Asix.Evo are designed to facilitate common operations associated with report generation in tabular form or charts.

In the version 8.1.8 of Asix, the script reports has been enriched with columns and rows calculated. Calculated rows are added to the table using the call method AddCalculatedRow. There is no limit on the number of rows calculated. In a similar way, you can add calculated columns using the method AddCalculatedColumn. Row and columns calculated can be added to the table of any type.

Script Report with Rows and Columns Counted