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  • 2015-10-30

New version: Asix.Evo 8.1

On 2015-10-26 ASKOM has issued the new 8.1 version of the Asix.Evo. This version is an extension of the Asix functionality for all kinds of mobile devices -  smartphone or tablet type : completely new module Asix Mobile, dedicated for monitoring and control of production process using mobile devices.

Asix Mobile

Easy access to data, quick adjustment of presentation to individual needs, control functions and security of communication, are the main features of Asix Mobile.

Asix Mobile enables creating a fully functional interface for visualization of selected measurements of the inspected facility, as well as control of its operation. Design and use of the graphical interface has been fully adapted for devices with small screens. Much emphasis has been put on the effective use of touch screens.

Thanks to Asix Mobile, the user gains instant access to data regardless of his location. It is possible to track current values of measurements and view their registered history. If necessary, you can influence the state of the process by sending a remote control or set points. There is also possibility to check alarm status including acknowledgment of the alarm reading.

Asix Mobile can be used in many ways: remote control in large plants, device control with no control panels, intelligent building managed with a smartphone or maintenance and production management - here are some of the scenarios.

The communication between the Asix.Evo server and mobile devices is done by using a https encrypted protocol. This allows free and save data transfer on the Internet. Asix Mobile also lets the user use an unencrypted transfer over HTTP.

To run Asix Mobile, any Asix.Evo operator server license is needed. Under this license user gets the right to connect one mobile device in the service mode of Asix Mobile. To connect additional devices, you have to purchase the appropriate number of  @Asix4MobileCal's.

The Asix Mobile server requires the operating system MS Windows 7/2008 or higher. It is also required to install .NET library in version 4.51or higher.
The Asix Mobile Client requires the operating system Android or iOS. It is also possible to launch the Client in the web browser runnig on the Windows platform – the browsers supported are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Promotion: In order to help our customers to explore capabilities of Asix Mobile, the module will work without verification of the number of connected devices till 31-03-2016. Each server license will handle any number of Asix Mobile devices. After this date Asix will start to control the number of clients and the purchase of licenses @Asix4MobileCal will be required.

Commercial information with price list:

Asix Commercial Information  (685 KB) Updating: 2015-11-02 - Price List in EURO

Asix Commercial Information  (911 KB) Updating: 2015-11-02 - Price List in USD

Commercial information with price list:

Asix Mobile - Leaflet  (2,95 MB KB) Updating: 2015-10-02


Object "Tree list"

Another novelty, significantly expanding the possibilities for designing effective and complex menus of process diagrams  is a new object "Tree list", which allows you to build hierarchical dynamic selection lists. The object of this class can be used to switch diagrams, navigate through applications or files, present information about tree structures.

Text reading feature

Application developers probably approvingly accept an approach for reading any text with a new operator action Speak. There is also the possibility of individual settings of automatically text reading of the alarm at its activation, for each defined alarms. The Asix configuration of the text reading functionality includes: support for the narrators in any language depending on the languages installed in the Windows operating system and the current application language as well as the ability to configure the pace of text reading - the range of this configuration depends on the version of the Windows operating system.

AsBase redundancy

The AsBase module is modernized in the version 8.1. It implements dynamic switching of the active station which is responsible for performing database archiving conditions. This allows you to create applications that are resistant to the disconnection of active stations and ensure the continuity of data storage.

e2TANGO driver

In the list of communication drivers there is a new position - the driver for data exchange between Asix and the e2TANGO device manufactured by Elektrometal Energetyka. The data is exchanged via Ethernet link.The driver executes the following functions: reading the current status, measurements, the events and reporting them to the Asix alarm system.


In the version 8.1, as in each subsequent release of Asix system, efforts are made to introduce a number of changes to improve the operation of the package.