Are you interested in Asix and would you like to use it?

Don't be afraid to ask or you'll miss your chance! A chance for an adventure with industrial software. We will tell you earlier that we are open to cooperation with universities and individually with students who want to deepen their knowledge and play with the SCADA system.

Don't worry if you don't know what Asix is.

Step by step, we will introduce you to the world of industrial software, which today is commonly used as an interface between the operator and the direct control layer, implemented on the basis of programmable controllers.


ASIX-EDUCATION PROGRAM is a special package of privileges for each group - both for universities (EDUS-Lab) and for students (EDUS-Student), giving a guarantee of working with always legal and most recent educational version of the Asix platform software.

EDUS-Lab and EDUS-Student licenses are valid for 1 academic year.

For detailed information, please contact the ASKOM office by phone or email.

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