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Every Asix package includes, at no additional cost, a large set of communication drivers, which allow data communication with measurement devices and most common PLC’s of worldwide manufacturers. Apart from dedicated drivers for specific PLCs, Asix includes open communication interfaces matching standards of the Windows environment and allowing connection of almost any PLC or measurement device, delivered by the manufacturers with appropriate data servers:  

  • OPC client,

  • DDE/OLE Automation client,





  • IEC 62056-21,

  • IEC 61850,

  • M-BUS


MODBUS RTU and GazModem drivers are adapted for data exchange on dialed lines by means of the AsComm module. Other drivers may be also adapted for operation on dial-up links based on Customer request  .


Additionally, special drivers (including full protocol specification) are delivered, which makes available an universal interface for data exchange with Customer’s drivers:

  • BUFOR - data exchange through common memory (Memory Mapped File);
  • FILE2ASIX - data exchange through a text file. 


Apart from above possibilities, which are included in every package, ASKOM offers (against payment) a development of special communication drivers for any device of the Customer, when data transfer protocol specification is delivered and, for non typical solutions, also a testing device available.