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AsService is a completely new program dedicated to plant asset maintenance and production resources management. This tool - easy in setup and use - can log the equipment operation times and number of times the devices are switched on-off - all with the use of software counters and based on data collected in Asix application. This makes possible to monitor maintenance and repair operations, to alert user on necessary actions, to report any missed operations as well as to log the related technical and record data for each monitored device. The AsService module operates using database of equipment and machines being under control. There are two types of installations of AsService:

  • server one, which controls license requirements,
  • client one, providing interface to the AsService program (with no limit on number of client installations within an AsService license).

The ability to configure interface between AsService and an application developed in Asix.Evo allows for access to status and configuration data of counters, configuration data of devices and last reset data of any counter - all of these directly from the application diagram. It is also possible to configure automatic generation of alarm definition database based on events recorded in the AsService database.

AsService is available in two licenses - see: Licenses - AsService.