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AsLogger is a license of fast measurement series, used for recording, archiving and analyzing of measurement series in which samples are stamped with the time stamp up to 1 µs. Measurements can be performed by analog-to-digital cards directly controlled by the Asix application or by automatic measurement / registration devices connected to a PC (including PLCs and electrical protection devices). AsLogger supports analysis of measurement experiments collecting the data series of high resolution. The series data is retrieved from a recording device, pre-processed and stored in an SQL database.

The AsTrend program allows displaying graphs of AsLogger measurement series in charts or tables. It is possible to display simultaneously AsLogger and other data type series supported by AsTrend.
Data analysis can be made on the computer on which data is recorded as well as on network stations. It is also possible to access the AsLogger data from any other programs equipped with ODBC or OLE DB/ADO interfaces.

AsLogger supports retrieving of data from the OPC server, which allows to work with any device meeting requirements of open standards for data exchange. Control & measurement cards and the USB measurement equipment of Advantech, the data of which can be read in ‘Fast AI Transferring’ (Interrupt Transferring lub DMA Transferring) mode by Advantech ADSAPI library, are also supported. Moreover, AsLogger supports hardware recorders: MUPASZ 2001G, MUPASZ 07, MUPASZ710 and MultiMuz family units.

There is a simulator of analog input card, among available recording devices supported by AsLogger, which allows to get acquainted with the program functions without connection with a device.

One of the uses of the AsLogger program is to analyse electrical protection actions - the fast-changing time series (current, voltage, power) and digital signals gathered at the time of protection operation. The internal memory of electrical protections is usually small and allows to store at most a few - and most often only one - the last registration. Analysis of time series requires connection with a computer equipped with appropriate software tools and readout of data series from the device memory. If the protection has acted once more before reading the series, they are irretrievably lost. When using protection systems from different manufacturers, it is necessary to have and learn several different utility programs (mostly with no Polish language support). AsLogger allows to create the station both of automatic readout of the time series recorded by electrical protections and archiving in one database available on Ethernet to any number of users. In addition, hierarchical organization of data structure (switching station - field - protection type - specific device) considerably simplifies later search and analysis of data. All time series are available for analysis purpose in one - easy to use and Polish - software environment, regardless from what device they come from.