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.NET/OLE Automation/OPC/DDE server - AsixConnect

AsixConnect includes: 

  • OPC, Automation, .NET and DDE servers for current data exchange, 
  • OPC HDA, Automation, .NET and OLE DB servers for archived data exchange,
  • OPC A&E and .NET server for alarm data available to the programs.

Any MS Windows program based on Automation, OPC, .NET or DDE protocols may co-operate with Asix application by AsixConnect6

servers. Using servers, one can read / write data for process supervisory control and parametrization. Thanks to such solution current process variables as well as their archived values (registered trend of process variables) are accessible on-line in Windows system environment. Examples of software, basing on Automation and DDE server, for data exchange are Microsoft Office programs: Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint. The applications created by use of these products and AsixConnect6 may efficiently enrich functionality of SCADA systems. These applications may be used for data analysis and visualization, model studies, specialized reports generation and designing databases of process variables.

AsixConnect6 is an integral part of Asix package, but it may be also delivered as an independent module to be used on PC stations of within computer networks containing Asix operator servers. In such a case, AsixConnect6 makes available to Windows software the process data accessed from remote computer stations connected directly to PLCs.