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Web Portal/Server - Asix4Internet

Asix4Internet is a license dedicated for installation of Asix WWW server (to support WWW applications) either on Asix operator server or terminal or on a computer with AsixConnect installed. Asix4Internet license is encoded on the same hardware dongle used to run the Asix servers, terminals or AsixConnect. It allows to connect concurrently one client station by www browser. Asix4Internet license must be purchased in the numer according to the numer of expected users of the www application. The latest versions of Asix.Evo applications published on the IIS server in XBAP technology can be 'in stock' run with the newest versions of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera with no convert (it is required only to install and configure free add-on IE Tab).

Asix4Internet includes: EvoNet, AsPortal, AsTrend, AsAlarm - a set of tools for access to process information from web browser:

  • EvoNet - system for execution Asix.Evo application in web browser; in the EvoNet mode, www browser stations are functionally equivalent to operator terminals;

  • AsPortal - Portal of Process Information, ready for immediate use when connected to the Asix application. AsPortal displays application process database, current process values, current and historical alarms as well as data trends either in tables or graphic charts, presented in Internet browser window (demo:;

  • AsTrend - web-based version of the application for graphical analysis of historical data with features consistent with the Windows version of Asix, particularly highly rated by users;