Site Communication

Site Communication

The price of each BASIC License of Asix includes a full set of the most popular communication drivers enabling communication with the most common PLC/controllers on the market. Regardless of the drivers dedicated to individual controllers, Asix is equipped with open communication interfaces that meet the world standards in this regard and allow virtually any controller and measurement system supplied by a manufacturer to be connected to a data server according to a standard protocol. These are:

  • OPC DA
  • OPC UA
  • MQTT
  • DLMS
  • CANopen
  • DNP3
  • IEC61850
  • IEC60870
  • IEC62056-21
  • M-Bus
  • SNMP

In addition, special BUFOR and File2Asix drivers are provided in the Asix package (along with full protocol specifications), which provide universal interfaces for exchanging data with client programs. It is also possible to import data into Asix applications using application scripts.

All available drivers, except for the OPC UA, IEC60870, IEC61850NTV drivers, are included in each Asix engine license at no extra charge. However, the use of some of the drivers may require additional - chargeable - third-party devices or software libraries.

ASKOM offers the possibility of developing a communication driver for any of the customer's devices for a fee, provided that the full specification of the data transmission protocol is available and, in the case of non-standard solutions, also a copy of the device for testing.


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