Asix OEE

Asix OEE

Production Efficiency Monitoring System

Monitoring of production efficiency is an important function of MES systems – production management. Asix OEE is ASKOM's proposal for monitoring the efficiency of machines, lines and entire plants. Assessing machine productivity, the number, duration and causes of downtimes and production wastes is a key to improving productivity and further competitiveness. Asix OEE helps you locate and assess the bottlenecks and identify the root causes of downtimes and wasted production, which is where the process of production improvement begins. Asix OEE, thanks to the fact that it is a ready-made solution "out of the box", can be efficiently implemented and quickly brings the benefits.

" The average increase in OEE after implementation of the automatic data collection and analysis system is about 15%

Asix OEE Leaflet

  • Asix OEE Leaflet (September, 2023)
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Asix OEE Benefits

Improve the efficiency
of production capacities
(machines and people)
Reduce number and duration
of the machine downtimes
Plan the production
sequence to minimize
changeover times
Get reliable data to analyze
the reasons of downtimes
Get support for machine
overhaul planning
and periodic maintenance
Reduce the number,
duration and cost
of breakdown handling
Identify the reasons
of production losses

Asix OEE - Standard Functionality

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  • Monitoring and analysis of the real work time of machines and devices
  • Identification of downtimes and micro-stoppages
  • Downtime notification via alarm, email and SMS
  • Automatic and manual determination of the downtimes and the production rejections reasons (production waste)
  • On-the-fly calculation of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for individual machines, lines and production areas
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  • Automatic and manual input of production data
  • Data exchange with ERP, APS and CMMS superior systems
  • Support for production orders scheduling
  • Support for quality control procedures

Asix OEE - User-Friendly Interface

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  • KPI business cards - presenting current values of indicators in a graphic form
  • Gauges - graphical presentation of current and recorded measurement values and KPIs - in the form of radial, semi-ring, doughnut, linear, thermometer (bar), progress bar and scatter charts. They can refer to time periods such as last hour, production shift, day, week, month, quarter, year
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  • Gantt diagrams – illustrating work, downtimes, micro-stoppages and machine shutdowns
  • Time charts – presenting measurements and KPI’s as a function of time (year, month, week, day, production shift), in the form of bar, line and area charts
  • Category charts – presenting measurements and KPI’s in relation to a selected category (e.g. line, production area, machine type, operator, product, ...). This group includes bar, pie, and funnel charts

Asix OEE has implemented a ready-made set of key KPI’s calculated on-the-fly, which are the measures of degree of utilization of the production equipment:

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • OEE = Availability * Performance * Quality
  • OE - Availability and Performance of Machines
  • Quality of manufactured products
  • MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) average repair time
  • MTTF (Mean Time To Failure
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
  • Current quantity of manufactured products
  • Current amount of production waste

The value of each indicator can be calculated and analyzed in the selected context of Time (production shifts, days, weeks, months, years), Devices (machines, machine types, lines, production areas), Products  (by symbol, product groups), Services (operators, brigades, production shifts).


Asix OEE allows for step-by-step implementation of the solution depending on the degree of machines metering:

OE version – machine availability analysis, when only status signals informing about machine operation / stops are available, which allow to calculate the availability rate

OEE version – analysis of machine efficiency based on the full OEE indicator, when additionally we have product and waste counters, which in turn allow to calculate the indicators of availability, efficiency, quality - thus full OEE

Pareto version – analysis of the reasons of downtimes and product rejections in accordance with "Pareto" principle, when we additionally collect information about the reasons of downtimes and rejected products. This information can be automatically collected from machine PLC’s or entered manually using the dedicated software.


Asix OEE contains a predefined set of reports documenting the operation of machines and production efficiency indicators:

  • OE Machine Availability Reports
  • "Pareto" reports of the downtimes reasons
  • "Pareto" reports of the product rejection reasons
  • Production target guard reports for a machine in a shift
  • OEE Production Efficiency Indicator Reports

Each of the reports allow to analyze data according to criteria of Time, Devices, Products, Services. Reports are available on a dedicated portal. They can also be automatically distributed to the users by an e-mails.

Studies show that the quality of work of machine operators is higher when key information about the production efficiency of individual machines and lines is visualized in real time in the production environment on the display boards. Asix OEE allows to display real-time aggregate information about machine operation on large monitors. Selected diagrams are displayed cyclically according to a specific scenario, e.g. information about the line, and then about its individual machines.

ASKOM has been an integrator of automation systems over 30 years and thus has extensive know-how on how to communicate with machine PLC’s, how to obtain data important for assessing productivity and the reasons of downtimes avoiding falsifying information caused by manual data entry. The ability to collect data directly from machines and production is facilitated by more than 100 communication drivers available on Asix SCADA platform, on which Asix OEE is based. With Asix OEE, production data is reliable, and this is the key to draw correct conclusions about production improvement . The system can be further extended with energy media monitoring (Asix Energy) and other solutions available on the Asix platform, important for obtaining a complete picture of production costs and efficiency.


Are these questions bother you?

  • Do I have current information about the availability and failure rate of machines?
  • Does the machine produce at nominal speed?
  • What is the failure rate of the machine/line?
  • How long did it take to repair the machine?
  • What is the reason for the machine to stop?
  • How frequent are changeovers and what impact do they have on the production efficiency of the line?
  • How long did it take to complete the prodcution order?
  • How many wastes were during the execution of the prodcution order on all machines in the line?

With Asix OEE you will know the answer!

Asix OEE - Gallery of Screenshots from the Application

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